About Me

Good health isn’t something we are capable of buying. However, it can be a precious savings account.”Anne Wilson Schaef'”

Hello, I’m Krish Alias Sripada, living in the US. I have studied Master’s in mathematics, and Master’s in Sc from the well reputed Indian university held in Chennai. With the working experience of more than 18 years in several fields; IT and business administration in the managerial cadre. I’ve worked in construction, shipping, and educational institutions in India. When I moved to the United States of America from India, I started my full-time job as a project coordinator at SSEEI. Inc and as well as administrative manager at a plastic industry for several years.
My life was going perfectly while working as an IT guy in a reputable position, but one day, something unexpected happened to my beloved parents. I didn’t think about anything and just rushed about to reach India to see my parents as I was the only son of them. After a year of caring, I went back to the US and started working on my job. Only a few days later, my mother got a stroke, and again, I had to go back to see my mother and taking care of her health. At that time, I just sacrificed my job for the sake of my parents.

After reaching India, I retook the start when some introduced me to the MLM and a company which promotes the mushroom-based products for health. While taking care of my parents, I also start consuming my time and efforts to build and promote myself while taking a doctoral course in Holistic Medicine from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India, and in 10 years generated 10,000 endorsements. Earn no longer only money but in addition a good reputation amongst people, distributors, and top leaders in the Company.

In 2009, when my father left us while resting in peace, I tried to move back and settle myself again in the US, but unfortunately, nothing went well as you know it is almost impossible to get back to the same position after such a long break. After a lot of struggle, I accepted my fate and moved on. I know how frustrating this situation is when you lose all your reputation, position, status, and inner peace.

Now, I’m working part-time to have freedom of time , in the food industury  and taking care of my mother and her needs. I have dedicated this blog in her name and whatever earnings i generate thru this it goes to her comfort and further needs. At present I am out of work as i suffered massive heart-attack and advised to undrgo Open Heart Surgery and also warned that I may lose kidneys. In this situation taking a chance I am using traditional medicine to clear the blocked arteries. Only time will tell to what extent i succeeded. Thru this blog i will reveal all my experiences in detail. I wish everybody to maintain  a healthy lifestyle.